Woven Bamboo Shades are a natural choice for tropical or earthy themes and will bring the feel of nature into your home.

Our roller-style Bamboo blinds are carefully constructed from bamboo, rattan, jute, grass and reeds. These blinds bring the beauty of nature indoors and are full of rich natural textures and beautiful colours. In addition, our bamboo blinds have eco-friendly properties and provide insulation against the summer’s heat and winter’s cold. These two factors alone make these window treatments a practical choice.

Uniqueness and functionality of bamboo blinds

Natural and traditional woven bamboo screens derive from Asian decorative influences and trends.  These blinds filter harmful UV rays allowing only the warm glowing light to enter a room and also offer daytime privacy. Bamboo blinds offer natural insulation properties, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Wide range of designs and colour stains

A choice of bamboo designs mixed together with jute, sea grass and rattan are also available in various colour stains, which enables you to incorporate the warmth and beauty of natural bamboo with any style of decor.

Colour co-ordinated components and head rails

All head rails, edging tapes, cords and components are colour co-ordinated to enhance the beauty of the bamboo blind.

Head rails and working parts

Hardwood Pine head rails are durable to carry the weight of bamboo screens, which are wood borer resistant and are supplied with quality components to ensure a longer life span.


Bamboo blinds can be motorised with a range of various motors for different weights offering the roll up system only, which are controlled by selected remotes or wall mount switches. Minimum recess depth for bamboo motorisation is 75mm.

Protective coatings ( anti – fungal )

On request Woodoc 30 protective coating may be applied ONLY to assist in preventing mildew / fungus and colour fading from any harmful UV rays. This protective coating can never be offered as a guarantee but ONLY as a preventative measure.