Made up of soft fold fabrics with an elegant non-stitch system and available in modern prints and classic plains. Roman Shades are available in chain & cord operating head rail systems.

Roman blinds are a combination of subtle textures and soft fold fabric, showing off precise lines while still controlling light effortlessly. The elegant non-stitch groove system is discreet and improves the aesthetic of the blind, as there are no stitch lines running across the fabric, which allows total block out and clean lines to be achieved. The blind can either be cord or chain operated and is attached to the head rail with Velcro tape making the maintenance of the roman blind system even more convenient. Our range of fabrics include modern prints and classic plains, bringing the best of both worlds together with the décor design of curtains and functionality of blinds.

Uniqueness and functionality

Roman blinds unique selected fabrics offers the highest combination of light and heat control, privacy and outside viewing. The user-friendly operation and functionality of roman blinds allows for complete environment controls.

Wide range of fabrics

There are a number of fabric ranges available in our roman blind collection consisting of 6 to 8 colours per range. The complete fabric range is available in the Roman Sample Book or on the website. Should you require any fabric specs or colour please contact us with your request.

Non-stitch groove system

Our Roman blind non-stitch groove system is remarkably elegant, with perfectly straight fabric folding supported by aluminium battens and bottom rails. This system offers no skew or pin-hole stitching especially on block out fabrics and improves the aesthetics of the roman blind with clean horizontal lines.

Colour co-ordinated components and bottom rails

All roman components are mostly neutral white with white or stainless steel control chain or with cord same colour as fabric. All bottom rails are uniquely fabric wrapped to offer a complete decorative fabric colour co-ordinated finish.

Aluminium head & bottom rails and working parts

All roman head rails and bottom rails are extruded aluminium profiles and offer protection against rust corrosion and supplied with quality components for long lasting blinds.


Roman blinds can be motorised with a range of various high quality motors. Motorised roman blinds can be connected to office building and home automated systems.


Roman blinds with tight woven blockout fabrics together and tightly fitted in the window recess provide a very effective way to prevent heat transmittance through the windows, for optimum energy performance.