Aluminium Blinds are timeless offering a classic fashion or contemporary décor look. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, Venetian blinds offer privacy and light control, with design flexibility.

Venetian Aluminium blinds are versatile and affordable, offering a classic to a modern contemporary style, which complements any interior design theme. This flexible Venetian blind with its tilting system regulates heat and light control. Perforated slats when tilted closed are the ideal choice for outside views while simultaneously filtering light. They also provide a sense of security during the day. Available in a range of plain and perforated colours, including metallic, pearlised, brushed and wood grain finishes. 

Uniqueness and functionality

Aluminium Venetian blinds offer a contemporary streamline interior décor finish, with the functionality of tilt angling to provide privacy and heat control. For privacy, angle the blinds so you can see out – but others can’t see in.


A wide range of slat colours are available in plain, metallic, perforated, pearlised and wood grain finishes to suite your decorative requirements.

Superior paint finish

High quality and durable UV paint finish that resists chipping, fading and is easy to clean.

Aluminium rail profiles and working parts

All rail profiles are aluminium extruded and are powder coated to offer protection against rust corrosion and are supplied with quality components for long lasting blinds. The tilter mechanisms also offer a smooth and easy operation.

Retro blind

Retro blinds offer a trendy upmarket contemporary decor finish, mixing wooden valances and bottom rails with metallic slating.

Motorisation for venetian blinds

Motorised 25mm venetian blinds’ are available in a range of motors, offering different types of operations such as ‘tilt only’, ‘tilt and lift’ controlled by a variety of remotes to suit your needs.

Standard aluminium venetian

Aluminium venetian blinds are composed of aluminium alloy and are available in 25mm and 50mm slat widths.

Colour range

25mm Venetian slat range includes approximately 40 standard colours and 20 special finishes.


Satin, Metallic, Brushed, Pearlised, Perforated and Wood Grain